Catherine Hartley is a London based goldsmith and designer. From her studio, she crafts each piece of jewellery using both traditional and modern techniques. Focussing on simplicity, quality, and unexpected details, she creates pieces that are meant to endure. Along with her handcrafted collections, Catherine specializes in custom jewellery and engagement and wedding rings. 

Catherine trained in jewellery design and goldsmithing in Vancouver, Canada and began to work with customers and sell her jewellery in 2011 while in school. Once she graduated, Catherine continued to develop her line, creating signature jewellery collections and working with individual clients to make one of a kind custom pieces. As a base for her designs and custom work, Catherine seeks out unique gemstones and diamonds. She pairs an intentionally clean style alongside quality craftsmanship to highlight the stones and the details in a piece, and create jewellery that is at once stunning yet never over-complicated. 

Email info@catherinehartley.com